Mission, vision and values

Our mission:

“San Sebastian City Council, through Compañía del Tranvía de San Sebastián, provides the public transport service to travellers in the city. With our continuous efforts to be leaders and offer a competitive service we aim at satisfying the mobility needs of current and potential users, with a top quality service and practical information, with competitive costs and contributing to the sustainability of our environment”.

Future vision:

“Compañía del Tranvía de San Sebastián aims at being leader in mobility in our city, in relation to the services offered and their quality.
We will be deploying a variety of measure with an aim to improving the image society has of our company and in order to ensure it is socially active and responsible as well as promote the development of the city, the environment, customers and employees alike, and the rest of the actors involved”.

The Company’s values are the pillars guiding all Dbus employees.

Customer-orientation and improved services

1)Policies for improved customer service and campaigns to encourage the use of the bus.

2)Continuous improvement of our services, as regards the number of routes offered, journey times, punctuality and regularity, safety and comfort.


1)The Company works to ensure compliance with the strictest criteria on equality of opportunity and transparency.

2)We guarantee the same rights and opportunities for men and women within the company.

The environment

1) We strive to ensure compliance with all prevailing standards and laws concerning the environment and we aim to do no more by taking a proactive attitude.

2) We advocate sustainable development with is respectful of the environment with the installation and use of the latest technological advances in our buses.


1) Continuous improvement aimed at adopting preventive measures rather than corrective ones.

2) Orientation towards the creation, as well as perception by users, of greater satisfaction, while always offering competitive fares

3) Achieving excellence in the services offered.


The objectives set by Dbus can be divided into three groups:

  1. Promoting public transport, its efficiency, and its integration in other forms of mobility.
  2. Improving the service to residents so that using Public Transport appeals more  to them than using their own cars. 
  3. Improving the company’s internal management in order to make more efficient use of the available resources and increase the degree of engagement, commitment and satisfaction of the company’s staff.