How to travel by bus

When travelling by Dbus, you should follow certain indications to ensure your safety and comfort during the trip. In this section we offer some recommendation to make your trip on Dbus more pleasant.

All Dbus buses are blue and green. The logo carries a green frog and the name d.bus

Dbus is always boarded at the front, except in the case of people with reduced mobility, with children’s pushchairs or bicycles.

With Dbus the fare is always paid on the bus itself, by card on the validating machines or by cash to the driver. You only validate on boarding the bus, and never on alighting.

General recommendations

Have your travel card or money ready for paying for your trip before getting on the bus. This will speed up the boarding process and help ensure punctual service.

Wait until the bus reaches the stop. If it comes to a stop behind another bus, signal to the driver that you wish to board.

When standing inside the bus, use the hand grips and bars for support.

If you are paying by cash, remember that notes larger than 20€ are not accepted.

Try not to block aisles and entrance and exit doors.

Access for persons with reduced mobility

You can use the front or middle doors, whichever is most convenient, to get on and off the bus.

If you are in a wheelchair, place it facing toward the back of the bus, and validate your ticket in the validating machine in the central part of the bus.

The access ramp in the middle door is only activated for use by people using a wheelchair or Zimmer frame.

Use the grips and handles to board and alight from the bus.

Acompañantes de personas invidentes y en sillas de ruedas

Persons accompanying blind passengers or wheelchair users for the purpose of ensuring their safety and comfort travel free of charge; in the case of blind persons, they may make use of the reserved seats.

Companions must attend to the needs of the blind person or wheelchair user they are accompanying at all times. When the blind person or wheelchair user leaves the bus, the companion must leave the vehicle at the same time. If the companion decides to stay on the bus, he or she must purchase a ticket.

Access for people with a child buggy

When the bus reaches the stop, signal to the driver that you wish to access via the middle door.

Your ticket is paid by validating it in the machine on the central platform. When validated, a virtual child’s ticket is generated so there is no need for a printed ticket.

Once on the bus, place the buggy facing the rear and use the safety belt to secure it. You must remain beside the buggy to guarantee the baby's safety.

Non-folding bicycles access by the central door. Let the driver know you intend to board.

Folding bicycles access by the front door at any stop, provided there is room on the bus.

Non-folding bicycles can only be boarded at stops with the distinctive sticker and provided there is room on the bus.

Once the bicycle has been secured, pay for your ticket with the travel card at the machine located in the central platform.

Download complete document on recommendations– (pdf) �

Download complete document on recommendations (pdf)