Studies & reports

This section provides an overview of the different technical studies carried out in collaboration with DBUS.

1. Experience with 100% electric buses in San Sebastián and Baiona

Author: Dbus and Syndicat des Mobilités Pays Basque – Adour (SMPBA) – E-MOBASK
Year: 2020

2. User profile in Dbus

Author: Dbus
Year: 2017

3. Improvement of accessibility in bus stops in San Sebastian

Author: Jon Ander Díaz Pastoriza (University of the Basque Country)
Year: 2015

4. User experience analysis

Author: Lemon (Universidad de Mondragón)
Year: 2015

5. Implementation and development of a Park & Ride network

Author: Imanol Echarri Garicano (University of the Basque Country) – ATTG
Year: 2014

6. Reorganization of DBUS routes with the building of new infrastructure in the city

Author: Xabier Olaizola
Year: 2012

7. Impact of the Donostialdea Metro on DBUS

Author: Sara Cortabitarte
Year: 2011

8. Improving DBUS commercial speed by speeding up the boarding of the bus

Author: Eider Saralegui
Year: 2010

9. Biofuels and new technologies for DBUS.

Year: 2009

10. Optimisation of the design of bus routes. Applied to Donostia-San Sebastián.

Author: Moisés Alvaro (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
Year: 2009

11. Proposal for the bus service for the new Intermodal Station of Atotxa.

Author: Alvaro Moreno (TECNUN- University of Navarre)
Year: 2009 Gizloga Academic Award

12. Implementation of a top-of-the-range bus system for Donostia-San Sebastián (Bus Rapid Transit).

Author: Cristina Salazar (TECNUN- University of Navarre)
Year: 2008

13. Study on the reorganisation of urban bus routes in San Sebastian.

Author: David Carhuamaca (TECNUN-University of Navarre)
Year: 2006