Quality commitment

Dbus follows a policy of excellence in management as well as service. That is why several of the Company’s routes are certified to the AENOR quality standard, UNE 13816. Dbus is at the forefront in making the quality criteria laid down in the UNE-EN 13816 standard a priority, and the first transport company in the Basque Country to obtain the AENOR certification.

This standard places particular emphasis on quality from the point of view of users’ needs and expectations. That is why the same operating procedures and requirement standards are applied to all San Sebastian’s urban routes, as well as to the main certified routes. Dbus thus guarantees the same level of quality throughout its entire urban bus network.



Quality policy

The Dbus quality policy is as follows:

  • Quality comes first. Quality must be our priority.
  • Dbus aims at being leader in services for passenger transport, by constantly improving the service.
  • Customers and users are the focus of all we do. The service is the final result of our efforts and should meet our customers’ and users’ expectations.
  • At Dbus we believe that our personnel are our main value, which is why we encourage active collaboration and team work.
  • Continuous improvement is vital for our success. This should allow us to improve our business on the basis of  criteria to ensure financial and social gains.

Quality commitments

The Company is true to its quality commitments, which it applies not only to its routes certified to AENOR, but on all its routes which cover and connect the city’s different districts, thus offering the best possible service to all passengers.

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